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BI analytics | Business intelligence through software

How to create and use

data reports

Event Horizon software solutions are lead by the idea of solving complex business problems,
which represents the core mission of why we develop our products. They must give support to companies in their business operations, all according to the type of business the subject deals with.
That support is aiming on achieving goals in efficiency, reducing costs, optimisation of workflow, optimal tuning of internal processes and precise reports and data analytics.

We present this functionality in our BI (Business Intelligence) module. This module has ability to process relevant data and extract fine reports, based on main parameters.

How do we approach to this matter?

The product deployment is set through web application (cloud based). Furthermore, the high standard synchronization system gives us constant data generation, and at the same time, through algorithms, data readability in form of charts, reports, analysis and predictions.

How to integrate BI in your business?

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BI Business Inteligence

Data processing – Use Cases

Sales Analysis

Trends according
  • Products and type of products
  • Locations and areas
  • Time period
  • Marketing actions
  • Sales channels
  • Discounts

Manufacture Analysis

Production result reports by
  • Work Order – type of action
  • Products – Product Types
  • Time period
  • Timing that is set – achieved
  • Types of Customers – Clients
  • Machines – Inputs – tools


Reports based on
  • Workers – shifts
  • Machines – capacity
  • Locations – Facilities
  • Types of work
  • Product types
  • Timing – dates

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