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Data back up

our strategy

Event Horizon holds high standard of data back up strategy. Latest technology that we use gives us high availability in data reach and trusted data backup. Data replication in Event Horizon deployment is done by so called “data mirroring”. It represents the process of making a data copy at the same moment when the data is created. At the same tame, the backup version is generated. This method is very useful for quick data recovery, if, for any reason the disaster occurs.

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Data mirroring usually contains at least two copies of the last generated data. They are usually located on two physically separated servers to increase security even more.

What are the advantages of data mirroring

It increases the data availability

Indicates rapid recovery after system crash, which works on the principle of automatic recovery that at the same time restore the last copy on the device.

It increases the protection against data loss

High redundancy of data structure gives us the available multiple copies for recovery.


Increased production data availability

By that we mean the data copy that is lastly saved during the system upgrade.

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