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Event Horizon ERP

Enterprise Resource planning software

What is ERP?

When you think about ERP you want your solution to help you in your structural managing with all your departments.
We help you to connect your manufacture, human and logistic resources, within your company goals in order to lower the cost of production, and reaching the growth.
Optimisation is all and with Event Horizon ERP, you can finally lead your company to digital sphere of manufacturing.

NFC & Internet of things in smart factoring

Our software solutions are connected with variety of smart gadgets, named Iot (internet of things), such as wireless sensors for movement, light, heat, humidity, then devices as smartwatches smartphones etc. All connected in purpose to collect data wich can help us to optimise your workflow and mitigate risks. And finally, collected data help us to generate reliable and credible reports wich can help you in making better decisions. Read more about NFC here.

What is cloud business?

We deploy our products on cloud based storage. It helps you not to worry more about your own facilities with servers and full range of tasks that comes with it in terms of security and maintenance. Working in cloud makes your manufacturing and business procedures available from any device with internet connection. We also take care of offline data availability.


ERP software that combines smart tech gadgets and helps your company to optimize production. Modules with Artificial intelligence algorithms that provide better and faster task resolutions. We can help your manufactory to become fully digitalized.

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Textile industry


Intelligence of ERP

Structural data collection and advanced process monitoring, makes our ERP solution flexible for different types of production. Event Horizon ERP integrates machine learning systems. They represent application models wich uses artificial intelligence in creation of algorithms with usage of collected data. It means that the application can learn trough repetition of data and processes, how tasks are being completed, and suggest another time a short cut for some actions. For detailed analyse, real data and cases should be used, feel free to call us for consultation.

EventHorizon application solutions introduce innovative NFC wireless data transfer technology, which proved to be very effective for many business solutions. This solution makes a revolutionary change in data collection and labeling. It is ideal for organization in warehouse operations and inventory management as well as in production monitoring. You can read more about NFC technology here.

Bilion NFC smartphones in 2018.


Android devces has bulid in NFC technology


Increase of NFC usage in world, industry, marketing contactless payment


Millenialls uses contactless payment methods

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