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Digital Sawmill | Wood industry BI

Sawmill production software


Maintain the development of your sawmill factory and integrate new technologies into existing production to enhance processes and optimize production flow.

Wood ind. BI is a software platform that is implemented within sawmill production, wich enables through a simple interface to record and control all actions. By controlling production, we monitor all processes occurring in multiple locations.

Users with simple actions on their tablets at workplaces record the state of production. The system notify us in real time when delivery times are approaching or what quantity of goods package is produced from individual raw materials / logs.

Automatic generate all documents and store them on “cloud”, available from any location. Turn on and monitor live production on multiple locations. The tablet’s navigation interface is customizable to work with simple and large buttons, users can easy-record packets, and record the state of the goods at the time it is created. Compare your input and output, automatic conversion from cubic meters to items per package of goods. The system allows the by-products to be recorded as a product that is sold further.


FSC Certificate
Traceability of production and
Sustainable development in forrest

Digital Sawmill | Smart Factory by Event Horizon

Through a simple navigation interface, the entire production facility is shown in real time.

Logs and inventory status, packet preparation, and inventory conversion to cube meters, pallet and board numbers.

Monitoring and control of the production process at the highest level.

Integration example

System overview

Web application

It helps you to connect with your company from any location. Responsive for all devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone). There is no need to install anything on your computer. Access through username and password. We can make your authentication in multi levels. Security is first when operating in cloud.

Cloud storage

High availability of data and instantly synchronization on all devices. We replicate data on multi level base on our cloud platform. We also monitor the system for possible risk events. Read more about cloud business here.

Mobile application

We call it a tool that is virtually attached to your web application. You install it on your smart phone, and it makes your navigation trough platform more easygoing. It can also send you smart push notifications for all kinds of events that occurred in your company. NFC wireless connectivity.

NFC technology

Near-field communication (NFC) helps you to connect with your
workflow trough your smartphone and Event Horizon mobile application. It can speed up many tasks your employees have to do on daily basis. Read more about NFC here.

Work order







FSC Certificate


Production control

We set the control points on critical places,then we monitor the current state of production and synchronize data via mobile application into the system. Monitorig at the highest level.

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Modules included in Wood ind. BI

NFC Wireless Data Collection Technology | Mobile application
User managment

Add and remove user rights. Double authentication.

Storage managment with NFC technology

Warehouse and storage production flow and documents. Check your inventory in real time through tablet, mobile or web interface.

Stocktaking checker – Check your state of inventory in fast and easy procedure. Scan your list or NFC chip hub in your stock facility and sync the data at no time.

Work order

We set the control points on critical places,then we monitor the current state of production and synchronize data via mobile application into the system. Monitoring at the highest level.

  • Work order – Logs serial number inventory
  • work stations – machinery and capacity of production
  • input materials – record your input
  • record production of any byproduct
  • work order flow, deadlines – overview
FSC Certificate | Production traceability

Track your production traceability and fulfill all demands according FSC certificate.

Reports and analyitics

System generates different reports according set up parameters. For example:

  • current work order or sell orders in production flow – stage or percentage of fullfilment
  • workers and their statistic
  • analyitics of inputs by logs or cube meters and outputs by products

We present this functionality in our BI (Business Intelligence) module. This module has ability to process relevant data and extract fine reports, based on main parameters. Read more about our BI module here.


Smart software that makes your business life more stress less. It can help you to mitigate the risk of your business process by notifying through push notification (on the corner of your smartphone display), if any risk event is approaching or if something is completed.
For example, if you have daily deadlines in your production, it can notify you when some production tasks or actions have been completed, wich means someone can go further with their tasks.

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