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Event Horizon BI | Business intelligence

Multi modular software solution for small and large companies

Event Horizon BI – Business Software solution

Developed by our top software engineers, and bringing to you a flexible and yet simple software solution wich helps you in digital transformation of your company.
We use variety of Iot (Internet of things) gadgets, to achieve a perfect range of data collection. Then we transform it to you gadget – laptops, tablets and smartphones. You just read the data analytics and statistical facts, and make you business decision with lower risk.
There is more – we use AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms to predict some possible risk events, and notify in time. These algorithms can also help you in better organisation of your workflow.


Core and structure of our solutions

How can I use my smart phone in handling my business?

Our mobile application helps you to manage your business tasks and create better decisions. It also helps your team to use smartphone in their work as they confirm actions and create many usable data. Architecture of our solutions brings software with web application and mobile application in fully synced relation.

What is cloud business?

We are deploying our products on cloud based storage. It helps you to not worry more about your own facilities with servers and full range of tasks that comes with it in terms of security and maintenance.
Working in cloud makes your manufacturing and business procedures available to you from any device with internet connection. We also take care of offline data availability.
It is not more a decision to make if you do, or if you don’t wanna use the cloud.

GDPR | General Data Protection Regulation

Event Horizon BI is suitable for GDPR compliance.

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Event Horizon BI | Business Inteligence

Web application

It helps you to connect with your company from any location. Responsive for all devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone). There is no need to install anything on your computer. Access trough username and password. We can make your authentication in multi levels. Security first when you are in cloud.

Cloud storage

High availability of data and instantly synchronization on all devices. We replicate date on multi level base on our cloud platform. We also monitor the system for possible risk events. Read more about cloud business here.

Mobile application

We call it a tool that is virtually attached to your web application. You install it on your smart phone, and it makes your navigation trough platform more easygoing. It can also send you smart push notifications for all kinds of events that occurred in your company. NFC wireless connectivity.

NFC technology

Near-field communication (NFC) helps you to connect with your workflow trough your smartphone and Event Horizon mobile application. It can speed up many tasks your employees have to do on daily basis. Read more about NFC. ovdje.


Software solutions and smart tech hardware gadgets. All combined in flexible platform where companies find their support in managing different tasks, depending on their core business. Start your digital transformation with us.

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Choose your filed of business.

Event Horizon BI modules are flexible for different business types.

Store and Commerce

one ore multi business units
Storage and warehouses


Beauty salons, wellness centers
Car services

Agency Services and Law firms

Law Offices
Travel Agencies
Real estate Agencies

Medical services

Dental practices
Private medical clinics
Physiotherapy facilities

Transport companies

Cargo transport
Bus transfers


Metal industry
Food industry
Wood and Leather ind.
Textile and Footwear

Llogistics and warehouses

Large warehouses
Logistic Centers

Restaurants and Catering

stock planning

bilion NFC smartphones in 2018.


Android phones has NFC technology


Increasing of NFC usage in all industries


Millenials are using contactless payment methods.

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