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we implement innovations

New technologies for your business growth.

ERP for industry

Smart factories with Iot technology
Event Horizon

Business software

We provide support in digital transformation of your business. Helps you in reducing coasts and keep your revenue growth.

Industry - ERP solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning
We transform manufacuring facilities to smart factories with range od Internet of things gadgets

Mobile applications

We develop exciting mobile applications wich communicate with variety of IoT gadgets. It helps you to run your company from any place.

Why choose us

To digitalize your business and stimulate your growth.
Our goal is to create perfect solution for your enviroment.

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How is your data being used?

Do you generate data and do not analyse them, because it is too much? Or do you even generate significant data?
Find out how digitization can help your business to expand.

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Do you need ERP?

Smart factoring is today’s topic if you wanna compete with the best.
Let us handle the thing.

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Mobile applications

Mobile application for your Company.
You use this thing all day for social networking.
Use it finally for smart working and to control your business.

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Industry Types

Food industry

Food traceability software
Keep the Health standards requirements with
smart technical solutions.

Metal industry

Big projects in full digital support. Control your manufacturing process and mitigate the risk of your business process.

Store and Inventory for commerce business

Warehouse and storage solution with traceability of every action. All simple and easy to use. Anyone can do it.

Logistic and Transport

Stock management and warehouse solutions.
Vehicle management. Units and products tags and tracebility.

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Read our blog and find out how software implementation can help your business.

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