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NFC Loyalty Cards

Modern payment methods

NFC cards for restaurant business | What are they and how they work?

Mobile payment methods in the modern world are coming to a leading positions, when compared to the classic payment methods. Event Horizon introduces tool which brings to your catering business or restaurant an extra value.Loyalty cards with embedded NFC chip, becoming a fast pay tool delivering an unique buyers experience. Each customer gets NFC card that is linked to his customer account, and internally through it you have insight into his orders and spending. Your customer can prepay a certain amount of credit to his account and then spend the credit on daily orders. When delivery comes to his door, or if he perhaps pick his food at the restaurant, he just have to scan his loyalty card on cashier’s mobile phone (wich has installed Event Horizon BI mobile app), and then the app displays all the information related to your customer and his order. After short check, you just confirm the order receipt and the order is paid.

How does it work?

When receiving a delivery, customer scans his NFC card on the delivery guy/cashier’s phone and pays the order. Inside your system, this order will be recorded as paid to your customer’s NFC card and closed through system.

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What are the benefits for you and your customer?

The advantage for caterers is that you get one-off transaction inflows in larger scale. Customer depends more on your service, because he holds money/credit at your restaurant, wich shortness his decision whether he orders at your place or some other restaurant. If we look at the benefits from your customers point of view, we can divide it on two groups.

B2B | Companies

Firms that wants to deliver their employees lunch menu through your restaurant or catering service. If you contract this type of business, issuing an NFC card will allow your client to control access to your services. Clients pay their orders in a quick and convenient way.

Private customers

For families who want to speed up ordering and paying processes. For children who are alone at home and parents want to be sure there is always a handy lunch option available. NFC loyalty cards are easy-to-use tool for kids. They don’t have to handle with cash, and parents can easily be sure that there is always available option for an easy food delivery.

How can you offer better and quicker delivery service to your customer?

Event Horizon BI application for restaurant owners and catering services gives you an quick-pay solution wich brings you growth and more loyalty customers.


How to get more customers through this service?

You give your regular customers the opportunity to get cheaper menus through NFC loyalty cards. This will encourage them to prepay you money and keep them connected to your service. If a customer hold’s credit at your restaurant, he no longer thinks about which restaurants to order from.

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