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NFC technology

What is NFC?

NFC or Near-Field Communication is a set of communication protocols thatenables connection between two devices. Connection is established when you approach two communication points at about two to three centimeters. NFC has become pretty popular as a payment tool in android payment app. Event Horizon has developed a wide range of implementation forms for NFC communication wich uses smart phone and different variations of NFC chips wich we will discuss further more.

NFC technology enables communication between two smartphones, or between smart phone and any NFC enabled gadgets, such as: smart watch, NFC readers, sensors, NFC chips, etc.

NFC chip can be built in different kind of layers, wich give us a wide range of possible use. For example it can be in form of credit card, or a sticker, bracelets, textile form. You can find NFC chips with solid surface, and protected for outer enviroment, resistent form humidity, impacts, heat and etc. Very good for industry.

NFC technology in your business?

There is very wide area of use. NFC technology helps us to unify processes and actions in our business environment through software support, wich lead us ultimately in optimisation of our business.

Implementation of NFC technology in your business enviroment

Event Horizon solution comes in synchronised web application and the accompanying mobile application. Mobile application is tailored to companies specific needs. Parallel to customizing the application, Event Horizon runs the strategy installation and usage of NFC chips in business units or in production facility.

How can NFC benefit you?

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Warehouse and Logistic

Inventory units tagged with NFC chips enable faster inventory, current status of inventory, inventory history. NFC technology gives a simple solution for labeling your units, because NFC chips are rewritable. Warehouse and stock exchange runs on web application and mobile application. Data synchronization collected with NFC takes place in real-time. Any changes in warehouse or other business unit are available on the mobile device at the time of creation.

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, specialized in tracking and controlling of production. All types of industry can be covered by this technology, as chips are highly customizable and easy to implement. tractability in the food industry or execution of various projects in various types of industry manufacturing. It is practical in the metal processing industry and manufacturing of various constructions. It is also used in the manufacture of various products where the product is composed of several parts. This technology is very flexible to every type of production that needs more detailed control.

Machine Surveillance | Tool managment

For companies whose business involves the use of various machines and tools, with the necessary control and usage history. NFC chips can be embedded on each particular machine or tool. With smartphone, the user can quickly record the action that is taking place. Each tool has it’s history of usage wich can lead us to better control over manufacturing costs.


NFC chips can be embedded in the packaging (foil, cardboard, inside the box) adhered or clamped. They can be part of a product with a logo, or be wrapped in textile form. They can serve as key passes or as various types of tabs/cards. Marketing purpose goes then with usable purpose, with wide usage of encrypted NFC chip. For example, the keychain can also be an identification tool for a mobile application or an NFC reader.

Smart Homes

NFC chips inside homes can be set up at various locations and programmed to ease many home settings. With short scan of the mobile device and the chip, it opens up a mobile application that allows moderation of temperature, post-engagement some device, day shift dynamics od shutter, lighting control, and more. Allows you to open and close the tents, garage doors, etc.

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Increase in mobile payment

Mobile NFC payment users are growing rapidly over 2012-2018., according to data from www.statista.com, where it has been recorded since 2012, 5 million users in 2013, 12.7 million users, 2014, 28 million users, 2015, 53.9 million users, and by 2018. it is anticipated 166 million mobile NFC payment users.


Where can you buy devices that support NFC?

Today, NFC technology is available in every smartphone of the new generation. You just need to enable this kind of communication within your mobile device settings such as bluetooth for example. For business, this means there is no need for investment in expensive readers, such as expensive bar code readers in warehouses or production. The device that is used daily can become a smart tool at work. NFC chips are priced in the range of 0.22 € to 2-5€ , depending on the type. Chips can be rewritten and used repeatedly if they want to change their function. The encoding or writing of an NFC chip is also done by approaching the mobile device near NFC chip, and by selecting the action in the mobile application.

Bilion od NFC smart phones in 2018.


Android devices has build in NFC


Increase of NFC use in world, industry, marketing, contactless payment


Millenial uses contactless payment methods

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