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Smart homes | Internet of things

Applications and wireless devices for smart homes.

In order to connect full line of modern technology devices that are part of every home, we need a smart application support and a wide range of Iot (Internet of things) gadgets. Those gadgets create then an online network, upgrading your home with full range of tech possibilities, to a smart home.

Iot or Internet of things represents a range of modern tech gadgets connected to Internet and connected to each other. In that matter, they serve us as a tool in everyday life. These are the devices you use every day, such as smart phones, smart watches, cards, various measuring devices, sensors, devices that are part of the kitchen appliances, to various gadgets, handsets etc. They communicate with each other through various communication channels (bluetooth, wi-fi, NFC, RFID) and expand their usage through special smart home applications. Location sensors, movement, weather (pressure, temperature, humidity), and various environmental influences, can be accessed through Internet of things gadgets, at any time. Event Horizon developes software support applications for devices in order to apply them in smart homes.

Why is it good to have a “smart home”?

Some of the basic benefits of using smart devices in our home are first and foremost are increase in comfort of living. Then, energy savings and reduced housing costs, as well as increasing security parameters at our home.

Fields of use


The devices are completely wireless and work without batteries, which gives us great energy savings.



Air conditioning


Humidity sensors

Smoke detectors

House blinds



NFC chips built in smart homes have a wide range of use and can be set up at various locations and programmed to simplify many home settings. How does it work? Open your mobile application and choose a device you wish to set up, or scan a NFC chip that is embedded in device, in order to complete any action. When application opens it allows you to moderate, for example, temperature, post-engagement of a device, day shift dynamics of shutter, when you’re away from home, lighting control, and much more. It gives you the possibility to remotely open and close the tents, garage doors and more. All settings can be changed even through mobile apps wherever they are.

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