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Traceability in Food industry

by | Sep 7, 2018 |

Traceability in Food industry represents a subsystem of quality management. For smaller or larger food producers, it is essential to build a system that tracks the flow and use of the products in production and the final result or the product resulting from the production process.
The evidence of product traceability is crucial for implementing a variety of quality standards and obtaining food safety certificates.

Food traceability in business process can be observed through following challenges


Organization of the process

Who, when and how to record changes in the business process, sync between warehouse and production facility

Data saving - backup

Place Where we have a history of data changes, how is it available – flexibility and speed of data projection


Tools that we use in data capturing

Office – Excel tables, manual recording, custom software solutions

Labeling items and locations

Bar codes, stickers, NFC chips, RFID chips. Marking Locations, Storage Units, Production Units.

The most common method of traceability tracking and creating of documentation is done through excel tables, word documents, manually notes in production facilities, wich is later rewritten into excel tables. Such method requires a thorough process of recording, where the possibility of error is much high, and this task requires many additional check ups.

Food Traceability Tracing through Event Horizon Food ind. ERP

With Event Horizon BI software application, traceability and product labeling become automated, wich results with shorter process time, it minimizes the possibility of errors in the labeling and generates a database that allows filtering of all processes in which traceability has been recorded.

Unit of measurements Conversions

During traceability tracking and the production process, we come to the problem of converting units of measure from several items a new product is created, which has a new unit of measurement. This creates a product that is recorded in new unit, but with recorded history wich show us all product details that are used in building of particular product.

“Traceability is an important element in food production and is related
to product identification, tracing the background of raw materials and historical tracing of
the process of manufacturing, processing, distribution and sale. Traceability systems become
inevitable parts of mechanisms for safety and food quality management. This paper
presents a case study of a traceability model for a specific enterprise that produces food

Article link – written on Croatian : Zbornik radova Ekonomskog fakulteta

(Omejec, Pejić Bach, 2007:46)

Traceability of food products of Croatian enterprises

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Below you can see some parts of the system that show how the traceability of the product is recorded during production. Application available in other languages.

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