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Why should you set your business in Cloud?

What it means to set your business in cloud, and what are the advantages

Event Horizon delivers software solutions based on Cloud storage. This means there is no longer need to hold server units in your officess and with that said, there is no additional maintenance and server security costs. Event Horizon Cloud business allows you to synchronize all changes and events in your company environment. Synchronization is made at the time of event creation and it is instantly visible on every device to every user. This means that you have real time access to your business, from any location through your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Corporate Finance Manager estimates that cloud business will have the biggest impact on their ravenue in 2018. * Forbes.com

What are the advantages of Cloud business

Lower costs

Worldwide companies switched their business daily to cloud data storage. One of the basic reasons is the value of the cloud support service. If you would like to reach the same level of service as it is in the cloud based cluster, with the server set “in house”, the costs would go up to the sky. When we talk about service levels, we mean different kinds of protection, from encryption to physical protection of server units, air conditioning of the server rooms, fire protection, flooding protection, etc.



When investing in IT infrastructure, each company estimate how much space they need for daily usage, and an expansion plan for the future. In 99% of the cases, this foresight is inaccurate, because of the rapid data expansion. Meaning, the default capacity is quickly used. When the required space extension is necessary, there are many difficulties with data transferring, duplicating, and merging the database.

For cloud business, above issues do not exist. Expansion capacity is infinite, while the transfer process due to different technology actually becomes unnoticeable. Also, storage space increase can be done at smaller intervals, which more easy to handle in financial way.There is no need for a huge investment in a huge server that will “last for a while”. As your business expands, expand the server space without any difficulty.


Permanent data synchronization and availability on multiple devices give users a major benefit when switching to a cloud business. Availability in this terms, is related to the quality od software delivery, and high the security standards.Important factor here is the constant replication of data, or creation of multi-level data copies. “Data mirroring” is described in a separate article.



Event Horizon uses the highest quality data centers for software deployment. The protection is focused on user access control, identification of access and permission of access . All communication and operating processes are encrypted. We ensure permanent monitoring of systems, networks, and applications, in order to detect potential threats immediately. Through the Machine learning application model, that uses the artificial intelligence of creating alogories based on the obtained data, we increase data protection measures on a daily basis.


The advantage of cloud business is also the possibility of continuous access to the latest technological solutions, or “Cloud native solutions”, that are developed for cloud users, and refer to many advanced monitoring, security tools, and more.

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